Welcome to The Dusty Egg!

Hello Neighbor! Welcome to The Dusty Egg blog! We are so glad to see you here. Pull up a chair, scoop the chicken off the seat and into your lap (if you’re down with that sort of vibe), and let’s chat about some home life moments.

We originally decided to open this platform due to a series of unexpected events that humbled us after we bought our home. You can read more about that on the About: The Dusty Egg page. Basically, we just hoped to help other homeowners avoid the issues we could have, or to help guide them through an easier passage than we experienced.

Why, “The Dusty Egg” ?

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Many people have asked me why the blog is called “The Dusty Egg” and honestly, I blame the House Chooks. My dear friends were preparing to move to Missouri to start their new homestead on raw land. They had two lingering pet chickens to rehome. I had been wanting to get chickens for a long time. All of a sudden, the time finally seemed right to leap.

Beverly & Gilbert came to live with us the day before our baby’s 2nd birthday, less than a week before a crippling snow storm. Talk about learning a new livestock skill on the fly!

However, The Dusty Egg is also a feeling.

It’s the overwhelming nostalgia that washes over you when you pull lessons from your past, readying to share them with someone new. Memories of processing the garden bounty with my Grandmother in her small yet incredibly efficient kitchen. Remembering how we helped our mother can fresh foods and recipes in the Fall. How we gathered them from our garden or travels to markets and orchards. The soft grit on fingertips when swiping the dusty jar labels as I grabbed one (or a few) from the cellar for dinner.

The feeling is a new invigoration, too. Learning how to care for new kinds of animals. Teaching our children what that sense of purpose can look like. Unknowingly wearing a sweater in the wind while laying hay down for the first time. And, never being able to forget the sensations of that particular messy lesson. And it’s also… Wiping bits of dirt off garden fresh peppers.  The feeling of yarn as it runs through your fingers. In middle age, the comfort of the ritual is not so different than it was at age 10, though the quality of weave tends to improve with age and practice.

The Dusty Egg is Sustainability

A personal lifelong goal of mine has been to live as sustainably as possible. I’m very excited to be sharing some of these everyday self-sufficiency habits with you. You’ll see a row of menu items near the top of each page. As the articles are written into existence, new buttons will appear.

The Dusty Egg is DIY

Some of my most educational experiences have been the unexpected DIY projects that popped up around the house. We have become reluctant experts on how to deal with a flooding basement, and how to change out a sump pump. However, we have also gotten to do some fun things like painting interior walls and minor home décor and design projects.

The Dusty Egg is Everyday Beauty

As we round out our first year on this property, yard and garden topics such as, growing flowers and roses for aesthetics, landscaping and yard beautification projects, and natural pest control and determent methods, are becoming daily conversations. I can’t wait to share those experiences and hopefully get some advice and feedback from you!

The Dusty Egg is Homesteading

Additionally, the homesteading lifestyle is a keystone of our home life. We’ll be offering peeks into our everyday routines and tasks. Hopefully you find the cast of characters as entertaining as we do! As former kitchen professionals, we naturally find ourselves drawn to our home kitchen and spend a good amount of thought, love and energy on feeding our family and friends.

We will be showing you how we strive to live a low waste life – and how you can, too! It’s so easy.

Finally, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for the care and keeping of your home and property – from a practical viewpoint. As a licensed real estate professional, I also have a unique opportunity to help you before, during and after the home buying or selling process – so that you can find, secure and cultivate the perfect property for YOUR style of living.

We truly hope you will come back and share the tea with us! We’ll keep the rocker clear for you.

In Comradery,

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