About The Dusty Egg

Hello! I’m so glad we found each other.

The Dusty Egg started as an idea from the frustrated mind of a new homeowner. When my husband and I bought our house we knew it needed “minor updating” and had been vacant for “a year or so.” But what we quickly found out was that it had actually been vacant for closer to five years, had water issues out the wazoo, heartbreakingly dense clay soil, weird walls (is this house actually a bomb shelter?!) and phantom smells that even a plumber couldn’t diagnose for certain…without tearing apart the system.

I was so frustrated with the entire process – not to mention that buying a house during a national lockdown really took the wind out of our sails anyway – that i had to act and fix these things, or go insane trying. Along the way, I have been documenting some of the daily things we do to live a self-sustainable lifestyle on our homestead — so that I can try to help save others from the same frustration and helpless feelings we had.

My hope is that through humor and the enduring spirit of DIY and faith in manifesting the unknown into reality, we can all survive homeownership and get the homes of our dreams.

Please feel free to reach out and interact with me and any others who are stomping in the mud with us! You can find us on the contact page, or you can look us up on Facebook at The Dusty Egg.